DISCUSSION 1 Vince Hunt, president of Sabre Enterprises, applied for

DISCUSSION 1 Vince Hunt, president of Sabre Enterprises, applied for a $200,000 loan from First National Bank. The bank requested financial statements from Sabre Enterprises as a basis for granting the loan. Vince has told his accountant to provide the bank with a balance sheet. Vince has decided to omit the other financial statements because there was a net loss during the past year.

  1. Is Vince behaving in a professional manner by omitting some of the financial statements?
    1. What types of information about their businesses would owners be willing to provide bankers?
    2. What types of information would owners not be willing to provide?
    3. What types of information about a business would bankers want before extending a loan?
  2. What common interests are shared by bankers and business owners?


Ethics and professional conduct in business

At the end of the current month, Jonni Rembert prepared a trial balance for Star Rescue Service. The credit side of the trial balance exceeds the debit side by a significant amount.Jonni has decided to add the difference to the balance of the miscellaneous expense account in order to complete the preparation of the current month’s financial statements by a 5 o’clock deadline. Jonni will look for the difference next week when she has more time.

Discuss whether Jonni is behaving in a professional manner.

DISCUSSION 3 Ethics and professional conduct in business

Joshua Thorp opened Laser Co. on January 1, 2013. At the end of the first year, the business needed additional funds. On behalf of Laser, Joshua applied to Vermont National Bank for a loan of $500,000. Based on Laser financial statements, which had been prepared on a cash basis, the Vermont National Bank loan officer rejected the loan as too risky.

After receiving the rejection notice, Joshua instructed his accountant to prepare the financial statements on an accrual basis. These statements included $90,000 in accounts receivable and $35,000 in accounts payable. Joshua then instructed his accountant to record an additional $25,000 of accounts receivable for commissions on the property for which a contract had been signed on December 28, 2013. The title to the property is to transfer on January 5, 2014, when an attorney formally records the transfer of the property to the buyer.Joshua then applied for a $500,000 loan from NYC Bank, using the revised financial statements. On this application, Joshua indicated that he had not previously been rejected for credit.

Discuss the ethical and professional conduct of Joshua Thorp in applying for the loan from NYC Bank.

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