This assignment and the final assignment (in the next unit)


This assignment and the final assignment (in the next unit) involve the development of a hypothetical ethics workshop in which you identify and analyze a specific ethical situation or topic for a target population. You will build your workshop around the topic and professional code of ethics you selected in Unit 2 and which you have used in the previous assignments in this course. Your workshop must incorporate literature and code of ethics information from your Unit 4 assignment. It must incorporate case presentations that apply to your selected topic from the Unit 6 assignment. In the workshop, participants must gain skills for applying ethical expectations, models, and regulatory standards and for evaluating the intersection of the personal lens and ethical obligations. The workshop presenter will facilitate discussions related to the chosen topic area.

For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation that describes the content and activities that are part of your hypothetical ethics workshop. In addition to submitting your PowerPoint presentation in this assignment, you will post it in a discussion for this unit so your fellow learners can provide feedback.

For the assignment in the next unit, you will revise your PowerPoint presentation in response to the feedback you receive from other learners and your instructor. In that assignment, you also will record an introduction to the workshop based on the content of the PowerPoint presentation.

Your PowerPoint presentation for this assignment must include at least one slide for each of the following elements:

  • The title of the workshop.
  • Target audience.
  • Goals of the workshop.
  • An outline of the content and activities for the workshop, including time frames.
  • A list of sources and references for further study.
  • An outline of facilitated small group discussions in which participants use case studies to:
    • Apply ethical expectations and models to decision making.
    • Evaluate the difference between the personal lens and the ethical obligations of the profession.
  • An examination of how the information presented will meet the goals of the workshop.

Use the PowerPoint Notes feature to include additional talking points you would use as a presenter speaking to the PowerPoint slides.

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