In your initial post to the group, be sure to


In your initial post to the group, be sure to briefly summarize the program you are evaluating, WISEWOMAN, describe which evaluation design you have selected for your project, (mixed-method) and discuss the measurement options you are considering for your project. You should also address the following in your initial post: 

What indicators are you considering for your evaluations? Have these indicators been used in any other program evaluations for comparison purposes?

What types of measurement strategies and assessments will you use? For example, are you considering surveys, assessments, focus groups, or existing administrative data, such as health records?

How will you collect the data you are proposing to gather?

Have you found published information on the reliability and validity properties of the instruments or measurements chosen?

What reliability and validity concepts are important to consider for your measurement strategy?

Submission: 1 page, APA format

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