Unit 6: Country Analysis – Cote d’Ivoire Introduction Country analyses


Unit 6: Country Analysis – Cote d’Ivoire


Country analyses provide useful information for individuals, investors, and companies. Individuals conduct basic research when moving to a new country or when deciding on their next location of work or residence. Investors make informed investment decisions in the financial market based on the research. Companies with plans to set up subsidiaries, or enter new markets, base their business plans on such research. This application is an opportunity to conduct research on a SSA country.

See Assignments and Grading for more information about requirements and grading.


· CIA – The World Factbook

· PEST Analysis

· https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYQItP5_1AQ


This is a group assignment. Use the CIA World fact book to conduct a country analysis of Cote d’Ivoire. Elect a project manager, who will submit the assignment on behalf of the group. Include all group members’ names in the report.

Include the following components in your analysis.

1. Business Practices – Discuss the languages spoken in the country, the literacy rate, and the business language(s). Explain the working hours per days and the working days per week. Time zone and the exchange rate. Lunch time and breaks must be clearly explained.

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