Explore Write a 5page doublespaced paper not including the Title Page TakeHome Message Wellbeing Intention or References Use

Write a 5-page double-spaced paper (not including the Title Page, Take-Home Message, Wellbeing Intention, or References)
Use proper 7th edition APA formatting
6) TAKE-HOME MESSAGE: Write the primary take-home message you want to share from exploring your curiosity question collected from different types of data, and that can be understood by any audience. Keep your message limited to 2-3 sentences, and type it into the designated box at the end of your paper. In other words, you are being asked to distill your research and knowledge into a concise answer to the original Curiosity Question. This is an opportunity to articulate your findings in a way that can be used to engage yourself and others in the conversation about what you are most curious about right now related to lifelong wellbeing [think Instagram caption].
7) WELLBEING INTENTION: Write a wellbeing intention, and insert into the box at the end of your paper. Actively engage with the data and research you collected, and your personal wellbeing journey, and set an intention for where you go from here. In other words, concisely state what you intend to do for your wellbeing based on the knowledge and skills gained from your Exploration Project and your experience in this course?

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