Read the following articles: What is business storytellinghttps:enigma.swissenblogwhatisbusinessstorytelling Why You Must Tell Stories Not Dump Information In Your Presentationshttps:www.forbes.comsitesnickmorgan20130509whyyoumusttellstoriesnotdumpinformationinyourpresentationssh60272f9c1ee4 Watch

Read the following articles:
What is business storytelling?(
Why You Must Tell Stories, Not Dump Information, In Your Presentations(
Watch the video: Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success(
Write a brief assessment that addresses the following questions:
What story could you tell as part of your audit report?
Where could you come up with other ideas for a story that would make your report more effective?
Be sure your story idea ties emotion to your new understanding for your business partnering company or organization.

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