Theme: Inequalities in American Culture Im going focus on gender inequalities race inequalities and socialeconomic status and income inequality. Please

Theme: Inequalities in American Culture
(Im going focus on gender inequalities, race inequalities, and social-economic status and income inequality. Please be sure that they are all talking about inequalities in American culture and be careful to read the instructions I mentioned below. The file I attached is something that maybe useful for you to understand my theme.
All paper assignments should use 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font. Assignments should be doubled-spaced. For instances where you need to cite, use APA formatting for your citations.
For APA formatting, please follow the guidelines from your APA Practice, your APA resource, and make sure to include the hanging indent!
This assignment should be at least six- to eight pages in length.
You should include:
an introduction
a literature review
a conclusion
a bibliography
Optionally, you can include an abstract.
As with the final paper, the introduction should set up a history/background of the topic, which can include a discussion of the impact of the topic (who/what does it affect) and a broad discussion of social science methods. You should also introduce the three major themes that you will be discussing in the literature review. For your conclusion, recap your overall discussion and the major points of the literature review. What does this tell us about your topic overall? How does the information fit together to portray the state of American culture? Reestablish the impact of the topic. Also cover any future directions that research should move in. Are there unanswered questions? Unstudied populations?
Avoid using the first person. Do not say, “I want to discuss,” or similar things. Focus on the topic and the themes, not you or your experiences.
As an example, instead of saying, I want to explore how gender, race, and sexuality influence inequality, you could say something like, Inequality is influenced by a wide range of factors, including gender, race, and sexuality.
This would be a thesis statement to set up the rest of the paper from your introduction
You should have at least eight to ten academic sources in your rough draft, though you can have more than ten.
What kind of sources can be used where:
Course readings
Non-peer-reviewed materials
Peer-reviewed articles
Literature Review
Peer-reviewed, academic articles (here are some tips for double-checking: to an external site.)
It is
best if these are published since 2010, but you can use articles published since 2005.
Lecture (I base lectured on peer-reviewed materials, so if you want to cite the lecture, thats okay)
Course readings
Non-peer-reviewed materials
Peer-reviewed articles

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