Unit Learning Outcomes addressed: a Demonstrate an advanced ability to initiate and prepare an original research proposal. https:essaycove.comcategoryuncategorized b Demonstrate

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed: (a) Demonstrate an advanced ability to initiate and prepare an original research proposal.
(b) Demonstrate an advanced ability to prepare a literature review based on the support of an original research proposal.
(c) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the ethical issues associated with an original research proposal and their implications for the research and for the acceptability of the research by an ethics review committee.
(d) Critically evaluate the coherence, relevance and methodological merits of a given body of literature.
(e) Demonstrate a critical understanding of the theoretical, practical and professional contexts and significance of the research.
(f) Prepare a literature review that identifies and discriminates between concepts, issues, key findings and relevant theories most pertinent to the research proposal which the review supports.
Criteria for
• Knowledge and Understanding
• Content and exploration of theories and ideas
• Analysis, synthesis and critical engagement
• Technical skills and referencing
Assessment Task: In this task, you will develop a research proposal for a research project addressing Leadership and Management issues that is aligned to one of the Research Clusters in the School of Business.
This research proposal will be used to allocate your Research
Supervisors who will be appointed to supervisor your Master of
Business Research thesis and will also be reviewed by the
Research Committee to complete your Confirmation of Candidature requirements.

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