This is a two-part assignment that includes an outline and

 This is a two-part assignment that includes an outline and Title page/Intro/References for a Final Research paper. The requirements for each part are below. The Class is Management Concepts, I am currently working full time on top of taking a math class in which I have not taken math in 10 years so that class is eating up a lot of the little spare time I have. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Outline Requirements

The M3 assignment is to prepare an APA-formatted, full-sentence Outline that you will use for your Module 8 Final Paper assignment. The M3A1 Outline needs to follow the attached Guidelines for the Final Paper. M3A1 should include a Title Page and an APA-formatted, full-sentence outline for your M8A1 Final Paper. If you use sources of information for your Outline, then your M3 assignment should also include a separate References page.

Title Page, Introduction and References

For this, you will need a Title Page, the introduction of the Final Paper, and a separate References Page that includes a partial list of references that you plan to use for the Final Paper. The introduction should introduce your chosen organization and explain the reason for your interest in the management practices there. The introduction should also explain the purpose for your work, which is to conduct an in-depth managerial analysis of the organization and to provide three recommendations for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, or stakeholder satisfaction of the management practices at the organization to improve some aspect of the organization.

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