Question: Do you believe good character is important to leadership? Why


Do you believe good character is important to leadership? Why or why not? How does a person develop good character?


I believe good character is important to leadership, good character demands respect, but also shows respect to others such as  treating employees with respect will let them know you care about them as a person not just an employee, communication, there needs to be communication in being able to listen to people, it can improve organizational culture, self awareness is also important, you need to be aware of what you are doing for the company, and integrity being honest with employees with what is going on the company can be very good, they will respect you for letting the know that they are apart of the company and that they are valued enough to know what is happening in the company, they may also be helpful in some situation if the company is not going good for instance they may have some ideas for the company that might help the company do better.

Respond to the question and comment. Respond must be 150 word initial word post comment and question.

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