Task:  Read Chapter 4 Complete Chapter 4 Exercises 1 & 2 p.


Task:  Read Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Exercises 1 & 2 p. 96

Your response for weekly activities must be researched and have at least one source, other than your textbook, that you will use APA format to site at the bottom of your page. Your discussion response must be at least 1000 words in length.

**Do not include the questions from the book in your response.

Please refer to the Rubric for Online Papers and Assignments in the syllabus.


During this course, you have a weekly assignment that will be due every Tuesday by 11:59pm EST. Guidelines for each assignment will be included with the assignment on Canvas. If the assignment is a writing task, please remember to use APA format and site your sources.  Your response should be at least 1500 words.

  1. A good starting point for engaging with andragogy is for you, the reader to examine your own learning as an adult.  You can do this by recalling a good and bad learning experience as we did with the vignettes in chapter 3.  Write out a short narrative description of each, then stand back and compare the two incidents.  What was different what assumptions of andragogy were present in the good experience ad absent in the bad experience?  What could have been done to turn the bad experience into a good one?
  2. Take a topic that you are thinking about teaching that has traditionally been taught in a teacher-centered, lecture format mode. How can you redesign the course to employ some if not all of the six assumptions of andragogy?

3. Self-directing learning involves planning, organizing, controlling and assessing your individual learning in a process described by self-teaching.  Think about a time in which you participated in Self-directing learning.  Explain how you planned, organized, controlled and assessed your learning

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