Write a  Request for Proposal (approx. 3 – 4 pages in a word document format) that includes all the good elements of an RFP.  Submit PMP Template including section 8. You may embed and submit a separate document for the RFP. 

1) Clear Statement of work with clear deliverables of specific elements of the project being procured.

2) Timeline for submittal of proposal

3) Manner in which to handle questions

4) Clear information to vendor so that they can produce a good cost/price case

     – What Deliverables will the Vendor Provide?

     – What Deliverables (or work) will the Buyer Provide?

5) Timeline with milestones requested to complete the work

6) Type of Contract (that should be proposed e.g. FFP, T&M, CP%C, etc)

7) Evaluation Criteria

8) Outline and Format for the Proposal

9) Scheduled award date 

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