1.Pick a topic from below,  write a research paper (650

1.Pick a topic from below,  write a research paper (650 words)

*Do not use Wikipedia as a primary source for your research paper. You can use the list of references to find books, articles, and other material that can help you find reliable, relevant primary sources for use in your research.  *At least 4 sources

Pick one topic here:

Black Leadership.             Strategic Leadership.         Student Leadership.     Coach-Style Leadership.     Effective Leadership    Leadership Styles         Leadership Ethics            Leadership Qualities  Methods of Leadership.            Gender Differences in Leadership

2. After writing a research paper, write a Summary Sheet (100 words, not include references)

-In 3-5 sentences, write a summary of the research topic to be presenting including how and why you chose this topic.  Don’t forget to include the title of your presentation

-Write out the references/resources used to develop your presentation. (at least 4 )

3. Create a presentation, You may choose the choice of medium used (PowerPoint, Google slides, videos) Make sure to include the following:  

A brief summary of the topic, including the most important details necessary for the class to understand it

An explanation of how this case relates to class concepts (i.e., key terms and core ideas discussed in class and the textbook) 

Information from the research  to support your presentation 

Citations throughout your presentation anytime you refer to an outside source (including the textbook)

Thought prompts to encourage student reflection/participation/engagement/reaction, etc.

 A final slide with a complete list of references used  


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