Create a Power Point presentation (6 – 8 slides) and

Create a Power Point presentation (6 – 8 slides) and include “notes” on each slide (using the Power Point notes area) for the question asked below.  A voice over is not required and should not be included. 

The presentations should:  

· Analyze and discuss the critical reading question based on the reading at the end of the chapter. 

· The Power Point slides should not be crowded with information. As with any Power Point, the slides should give concise bullet information.  

· The notes section on each slide should give the analysis/detail.   

Please be sure you are reading the chapter reading assigned to each of the question to ensure your analysis is well thought out.  The question can be analyzed and well supported with detail from the reading, it should not be limited to your general opinion.  

Week Two: Chapter Three – 3.2 Reading (Attached) 

What role does the HR function play with the strategic planning process? What unique value and perspectives does the HR function bring to strategic planning? 

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