Before responding to this week’s discussion, read the Critical Thinking


Before responding to this week’s discussion, read the Critical Thinking Exercise in Chapter 10 of your text. Imagine that you are the graduate described in the exercise.

  • Discuss the concerns from your position (as the graduate in the exercise).
  • Provide the steps you would take if this was indeed a situation in which you would need to report the problem.


Student Reply

Hello Professor Roden and Classmates,

Have you seen the movie “Snowden” back in 2016 (1)? It was a story about Edward Snowden exposing the truth about the NSA’s out-of-bounce surveillance program (2). I can relate this experience with the whistle-blower situation in our page 380 ebook about the IT Infrastructure upgrades. The situation outlined in the whistle-blower critical thinking exercise is a perfect scenario to speak about it. The whole goal of whistle-blowing is to stop powerful individuals from taking advantage of the rest of society for their own advantage. It doesn’t matter what the main motive but the concept is the same. 

The concern from my position is, they are about to make a big purchase for “IT Infrastructure” that does not work. The steps I would take if I was indeed in a situation in which I need to report the problem is to (a) make an assessment about the situation, (b) I will save and records I can gather, (c) I will report this to my manager and have him review the situation with me, (d) If my manager does not take me seriously, I will go up the chain until someone listens, (e) If the company totally ignores me, I will review the consequences if I go public with the information I have, (f) I will partner up with a reputable and trustworthy reporter and create a strategy and plan of execution, (g) create safenets for myself and family before executing the plan, (h) execute the plan of action, (i) live with the consequences (3).


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