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please reply to another students comment below 

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There are several different mechanical processes that solid waste goes through prior to ending up at the municipal landfill. Some of these processes include the compressing of the waste material or smashing of the material to allow for a better breakdown of the material while decomposition happens. Anther mechanical process includes sorting the material and removing all recyclable materials and all of the rest of the materials get sent to the municipal landfill. My community has transfer sites set up to the residence. At these sites, the residents can take their solid waste to multiple areas within. The waste is separated into recyclable materials and other waste. The waste materials are then taken to the landfill where it is compacted by heavy equipment to help with decomposition. The landfill also has a hazardous waste section where all it is either used for waste-to-energy recovery. They use what hazardous waste they can to burn all oil in their oil burners which supply heat for all of the facility during the wintertime. I imagine all communities would benefit from sold waste processing because it extends the use of the landfill and allows for more material to be recycled and reused. Thanks for your time.

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