Scenario: Colors Nepal is upcoming with the matrimonial site, service



Colors Nepal is upcoming with the matrimonial site, service in Nepalese market for the people all over the globe. Analyzing the Nepalese market in the digital sector, we found few sites that started early and they are still struggling because of a lack of business plan and marketing, and also, the target group was not ready at the time of introduction of that service. 

The new generation is more educated and well familiar with the latest technology, but it’s really hard to follow the tradition pattern to find a right person in a busy daily. This service will give them some time to think about their lives and future, which is lost in the routine life.

Nepal lacked back in the digital sector due to its unstable political condition, and also, there was no internet payment gateway so far. However, recently they introduced digital payment, which is a boom in the field of eCommerce.

The team paper must be at least 10 pages in length. This does not include the APA formatted cover page or the references. There must be at least 6 APA references to support the findings in the submission. Correct use of APA guidelines for sources and citations is required. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited. The paper must address the following answers (I would like the paper to be formatted with headings to note the following information):

  · Introduction and business plan

· Other support IT to get the systems up and running

· Research about other businesses that are in the same market. 

· Promoting business services that our company offers

· Ethical and Legal Implications.

· Best Practices that you are going to implement in your organization and why

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