Develop a Power Point presentation with a minimum of 3

   Develop a Power Point presentation with a minimum of 3 slides.  Place citations on each slide using APA guidelines and provide reference slides at the end. Place key points on the slides (maximum 8 words, 5 lines) and the detailed information in the speaker’s notes below the slides. ***this is a group project so no title page needed. 

3. make a slide on  Family Violence and Abuse


Healthy People 2020
Objectives for Reducing Violence (pg. 827)
1. Reduce homicides
2. Reduce bullying among adolescents
3. Reduce child maltreatment deaths
4. Reduce violence by current or former intimate partners
5. Reduce sexual violence

****add chart***

3. then make another slide on Community nursing roles to assist individuals (families and communities) who are victims of violence

Community roles in nursing 

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