Overview The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on



The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on your experiences as a consumer, as this will help prepare you to provide excellent service to your customers.


Think about two different experiences you have had as a consumer. One of these experiences should be positive and one should be negative. https://keenwriter.xyz/health-medical/im-working-on-a-health-medical-writing-question-and-need-support-to-help-me-l-2/ Write two letters to the company following the letter guidelines described in your reading assignment including the following:

  1. A description of the experience
  2. Specific reasons your needs were or were not met
  3. The perception you had of the company, and specifically how that perception will impact your future relationship with the company involved
  4. Specific reasons for the company meeting or not meeting your customer expectations

All five of the customer needs should be addressed in both of the letters.

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