Opportunity & Threat Analysis for a Foreign Company Paper

Please pick a foreign company (e.g., Shell, BP, Ferrero, Fiat, Philips, and so on) that has plan to expand business or has already conducted business in USA. Supposed you are an American employee working for the American branch of that foreign company. Please answer the following questions.

  • Have a general introduction about that foreign company.
  • Since a company especially a multinational one may have multiple product types, please select one product type that this foreign company has plan to expand the business of or has already conducted the business of in USA. Please explain why you select that product type in the company.
  • Regarding the business of that product type, please conduct an opportunity & threat analysis for it in American business environment.
  • Based on the above analyses, how should your company capture the opportunity and avoid the threat? You can talk about some actions that your company should consider taking.

There is no limit for the number of words, but for each part, please answer it in at least a paragraph since more details are preferred

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