Please write an annotated bibliography of the sources you will use to support your thesis. 

  • Each annotation must include a full, properly formatted APA citation and one to two complete paragraphs explaining the basic argument the work makes and the type of evidence used to prove this thesis 
  • Bibliographies must contain at least 10 sources, including a variety of primary and secondary sources, including two full-length books from reputable academic presses, five primary sources, and articles from at least three scholarly, academic journals.  
  • Wikipedia,, encyclopedias, dictionaries and non-professional web sites are not accepted sources. 
  • All bibliographies are to be written in Microsoft Word or RTF, double-spaced, with no more than 1.25” margins, using standard 12 point font 
  • Bibliographies are due at the end of Week ______.  Bibliographies are to be submitted as an attachment via the Assignments Folder ONLY

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