• Discuss the components of various nutrition education programs.

Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment:

NS499-6: Plan, implement, and evaluate nutrition education programs for specific audience.


For this Assignment, you are going create a nutrition education program based on your chosen Capstone Project health issue. In other words – take what you have already discovered about your community and case study individual, and develop a nutrition education program based on this information.

You will want to make sure you address the following points in the nutrition education program you create:

  • Name of your program
  • Purpose of the program
  • Program goals
  • Target Audience
  • Components of the program
    • How is the program to be set up?
    • How many weeks or classes will you provide?
    • Where will your program be given?
    • What topics will be covered in each class? (Be specific!)
    • What materials will you need (handouts, props, food, PowerPoint®, etc.)?
    • Who will conduct the classes?

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