Your initial response along with 3 responses to classmates is due Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021, by 11:59 p.m.

Title: Aristotle’s Wrongful Death and the Puzzle of Genius

Respond to the prompt below, and follow these guidelines:

Your initial response should be at least 300 words. You will offer your observations on the two articles.

Use complete sentences and work-appropriate vocabulary. Demonstrate courtesy and respect to your responses to classmates, even if you disagree. Let’s make sure our discussion is university worthy.

“Aristotle’s Wrongful Death” addresses the trends of universities pushing out liberal arts studies (humanities) in order to make more room for business and technical education, believing this will better prepare the student for the work force. One of the underlying questions is: what does Aristotle have to contribute to a 21st-century university student?

“The Puzzle of Genius” distinguishes between standardized teaching in schools and novel ways of thinking characteristic of geniuses. One of the underlying questions is: can genius actually be cultivated in schools?

These are just a couple of my ideas on these articles. Let’s hear from you now . . .

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