Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology 

Research Guide

Description:  The assignment is split into sections to help students develop a 750- to 1,000-word research paper.

The field of science and technology is changing at a rapid pace; therefore, students must be able to keep up with the changes based on the environments in which they work. This assignment will encourage students to think independently, innovatively, ethically, and critically concerning a current scientific human social, business, or economic problem relevant to their field of study. The topic chosen should encompass an improvement to a current system.

Suggested topics for this paper include the following:

· Ecological concerns: climate change, resource consumption, pollution, water usage, animal extinction, overpopulation, waste disposal, acid rain

· Technological: power usage, band width, transportation, energy, satellites, communications

· Socioeconomic: hunger, immigration, welfare, unemployment, birth rates, poverty, public health, public education, crime

· Business: logistics, operations, finance, international trade, regulatory systems

· Training and education for science, engineering, and technology students

· Any other current, scientific, human, social, business or economic problem relevant to the author’s field of study


Refer to the “Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology Research Guide,” located in the Course Materials, for complete instructions. 

Section 1: Topic Selection, Problem Statement, and Metrics

Research and find a topic related to current scientific, human, social, business, or economic problems. Refer to the “Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology Research Guide” for possible topics. In a Microsoft Word document a maximum of 750 words, include the following:

  1. Research the historical, social, professional, ethical, and legal aspects of your discipline. Identify a problem facing the world today and create a problem statement. The problem statement should be objective, backed by statistics, clear, and concise. The problem scope and affected population(s) should be inherent to the problem statement.
  1. Rationale: Analyze the social and professional context of your discipline. Provide a one-paragraph explanation of why the topic is important, both to you personally and to the profession, as well as its effect(s) on the professional and ethical environments.
  1. Vision Statement: Include a version of the world where the problem remains unsolved, as well as a version of the world if the problem were to be solved.
  1. Define the factors that affect the problem, and clearly identify metrics that show the severity of the problem.
  1. Once the measurable factors have been identified, determine how this data can be gathered for future analysis.

The assignment requires a minimum of 3 peer reviewed journal articles from the last 5 years. Articles with no designated author are no allowed. Citations must be made following APA.

PN: Each question must be the heading please

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