Based on videos, assigned readings, and resources provided create a Power Point Presentation as a Tutorial Guide for General Education teachers working with students with disabilities outlining the competencies in the following rubric:


Rubric Competencies


(a)   A list of at least 10 influential court-cases in special education each case must include how these have influenced current practices.

(b)  A glossary page with definitions and explanations of at least 20 provisions and guidelines included in IDEA.

(c)   A flowchart indicating the continuum of educational services for students with disabilities. Be sure to include specific recommendations on how the LRE is determined for placement in each of the possible settings.

(d)  A list of at least 20 key responsibilities of classroom teachers when working with students with disabilities. Be sure to include 5 effective ways of collaborating with all involved in the education of the student (e.g., parents, therapists, etc.)

(e)   A summary of at least three peer reviewed articles (of your choice) about Special Education Policy. Be sure to include a reference list for the articles following APA style.

Note: Articles can be downloaded free of charge through FIU’s library at (Links to an external site.)

Once in the system,  type in Special Education Policy, and click on search.


 35th Anniversary of IDEA Video (Captioned) – YouTube 

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