• Discuss the traditional and evolving family roles and functions as outlined in Chapter 4 of Hanson & Lynch, Understanding Families.  Add your thoughts and reactions from the perspective of a professional who may work with these families.  Incorporate the race, culture, and diversity issues presented in Odom, Horner, Snell, and Blacher, Handbook of Developmental Disabilities Chapter 4.


  • Discuss the impact of disability on family life as outlines in Chapter 5 of Hanson & Lynch, Understanding Families.  Be sure to discuss the facets of family life that you did not originally expect to be impacted by disability.  Next, read the case study on page 107-108 in Hanson & Lynch.  Research and discuss 2 local (local to you) programs and/or supports that may of assistance to this family.


  • Discuss the complications that addiction and violence can add to the home of a family with a member who has a disability as discussed in Chapter 7 of Hanson & Lynch, Understanding Families.  Do you think having a family member with a disability increases the risk factors for addiction and violence and why?  Find and discuss at least one local resource (local to you) that can assist families encountering addiction and/or violence.
  •  Discuss the challenges faced by families in poverty who also have a family member with a disability.  Explain the concept of cumulative risks as outlined in Chapter 6 of Hanson & Lynch, Understanding Families.  How can you, as a service provider or program leader, help a family locate resources? What resources are currently available 

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