Your CEO wants someone to prepare a presentation on essential


Your CEO wants someone to prepare a presentation on essential concepts and practices in Strategic Marketing for the executive team. To see if you’re the right person for the job, the CEO presents you with some questions about critical marketing concepts and how they apply in the workplace.


  • Briefly answer each of  the questions on the WK1 Strategic Marketing Concepts Worksheet in your  own words using ideas from the course text and two other credible sources.  Make sure to cite the sources.
  • Explain how each concept  applies to your organization (or an organization with which you are      familiar).
  • Provide a standard  citation for each answer (author, date, pg.).
  • Apply and reference at  least three sources, including the course text.
  • Submit your completed  worksheet to the grade book.


  • This is like a scavenger hunt. You  will find the answers in the course readings and resources.
  • Consider conducting some primary  research by asking a marketing executive or manager how these concepts  apply in their environment.
  • This exercise is helping you gather essential concepts to build a foundation for your course project.
  • This is a worksheet, not an academic paper.
  • Your audience is the CEO, not your  professor. So, communicate in short answers that convey complete and impactful  information. No narration.
  • DO NOT copy and paste answers.   Remember that all assignments automatically get checked for similarity  issues through SafeAssign. Ensure the integrity of your work and improve  learning by defining terms in your own words and citing the source of the      borrowed ideas.

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