Study the varied ways that pregnant women receive prenatal care. Select a country (NOT the United States) and, through research and inquiry, answer all of the following questions:  Provide as much information that you can find in your own words.  No copying and pasting from websites.

*Be creative in your country choice.  Pick a country you know very little about?

  1. What kind of prenatal care do women receive and who delivers that care?
  2. Where do women give birth?
  3. Who usually attends a birth?
  4. Are there any religious rituals that are typical for childbirth?
  5. Are there any social rituals that accompany birth?
  6. Do most women breastfeed or bottle feed their babies?
  7. Do poor women have the same kind of access to prenatal and birthing care that wealthy women do?
  8. Are there any particularly interesting or unique features to prenatal care in the country you have chosen?

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