APA format 100-200 words Further the discussion of the response

APA format

100-200 words

Further the discussion of the response to and ask a question:

Tamela Gillis

9:26 PM 

Hello all,

If I was an HR professional I would use the collaborative approach by gathering information from current employees that work in the department. They know the good and the bad of the job. I would also ask department supervisors to give detailed descriptions of the job that’s being advised. And how could this job lead to advancements or promotion in the future.

In my opinion, a key component of a ad that may attract an employee is the wording and how that grabs your attention. When I’m looking at job ads I’m looking for certain things to be listed. Such as pay rate, qualifications, work hours , payed PTO available, and benefits.

The collaboration HR practices for job analysis and design is only putting information that will interest the prospects. As well as happy employees as visuals. Use light bright colors that would be attracting to the eye. First impressions are very important. You only have a few seconds to attract as well as keep the attention of a job seeker. I know for me those things are very important.

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