CSP25 Assignment 05 Question 1 (From Chapter 5) The RandomRange

CSP25 Assignment 05
Question 1 (From Chapter 5)
The RandomRange from the Irvine32 library generates a pseudo random integer between 0 and
N-1. Your task here is to improve this by generating a random  number between M and N-1. Let
the user specify M in EBX and N in EAX.
Here is a sample test of this procedure whose name will be BetterRandomRange in your
MOV EBX,-300   ;M is -300
MOV EAX,100   ;N is 100
Call BetterRandomRange

You should call this BetterRandomRange procedure in a loop to be repeated 20 times and display
the value return 20 times also.

Make sure you have the following at the top of your Assembly code file. Fill it up accordingly
such as the name of the asm file will be Assignment05.asm
; Program Template (Assignment01.asm)
; Program Description: <fill this up>
; Author: <fill this up>
; Creation Date: <fill this up>
; Revisions:  <fill this up if necessary>
; Date:Modified : <fill this up if necessary>
Also make sure to document your Assembly code.

What to submit?
TWO files.
1. Copy your program and paste it to a text editor such as Notepad and save file as .txt file
then submit this text file.
2. A pdf file that has your code (copied or screenshot) and output of dumping of your

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