Instructions:In Module 5 focused on PROMOTION, we learned about an

 Instructions:In Module 5 focused on PROMOTION, we learned about an important concept: Integrated Marketing Communications. Please prepare a written response to the prompts below. Your final document should be about one (1) page in length.

  1. Describe what is meant by Integrated Marketing Communications.
  2. Why this concept is so important when making promotional decisions for a product or service?
  3. Utilizing the same product or service that you selected for this week’s discussion, explain how marketers have embraced integrated marketing communications to communicate about their product or service. Provide specific details to show their integrated marketing communications.
  4. What is the message that is being communicated about this product or service across the promotional mix? In other words, what is their Unique Selling Proposition?
  5. Submit your document using this assignment link.

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