Name of event and event Details Why the event is/was

  1. Name of event and event Details
  2. Why the event is/was significant to you or your professional development?
  3. How attending the event contributes to your professional development, through self-improvement planning, relationship-building, goal-setting, or giving back to your community.
  4. Your instructor may require additional questions.
  5. Include proof of attendance at the event. Proof of attendance may include: program brochure, registration receipt, a picture from the event, ticket stub, etc.


  1. Identify a professional networking event through a professional association that you will attend that occurs during the timeframe of the course. Acceptable events can include: continuing education workshops, association meetings, and professional conferences. Other activities can include engagement in charitable networking events/governmental meetings/career expos. Please note: If the cost of registration is prohibitive, please discuss your concerns with your instructor who can help find a suitable accommodation. Potential Opportunities:

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