The Critique-alypse Minimum length: 3.25 pages, double-spaced, plus Works Cited

The Critique-alypse                                                                                                 

Minimum length: 3.25 pages, double-spaced, plus Works Cited page

  • use proper Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting – this means one-inch margins on all sides and twelve point Times New Roman font
  • failure to reach the minimum length will result in a grade no higher than 70
  • your Works Cited should include any sources/texts mentioned in your critique: you may, theoretically, have an infinite number of sources, but for options one, two, and four (Short Story, One-Act Play, and Film), you must have at least four: your primary source/text, one scholarly source and at least two others from diverse forms of media; you must also have at least four from diverse forms of media, including a scholarly source for option three (Debate/Discourse), but the “rules” are slightly different because you might not have a concrete primary source/text depending on your topic…
  • no submission without a Works Cited will pass, and no submission with a botched Works Cited will receive a grade higher than a “C”

“Rough”/first draft due by midnight Sunday November 7

  • for credit, attach the document to an email or Canvas message by the end of that date

Final draft due no later than midnight Sunday November 14 via Turnitin

  • you’ll still have one optional revision opportunity via Turnitin 
  • late work will be penalized
  • keep in mind that in addition to scheduled online conferences, you may seek assistance during my online office hours, during the Eleven O’Tomb, via Smarthinking or the  Learning Commons.
  • plagiarism will result in an “F” on the assignment
  • include a header: Last name and page number in top right corner.
  • the top of the first page of submissions should be formatted thusly:

Your Name

Prof. Bowers

ENC 1102

Day Month Year (29 Oct 2021)   

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