By now you should have begun working on the Week

 By now you should have begun working on the Week 6 Assignment: Principles and Concepts of Marketing assignment, due this week. You should have already selected your business and completed Slides 1 and 2 of the required PowerPoint template: The Business and the Failure. If you have not started yet, review the assignment preparation activity in Week 5 to assist with completing Slides 1 and 2. This week, you will finish the assignment by completing the last two slides: Marketing Principles and Recommendations.Go to the course guide and review the requirements for the Principles and Concepts of Marketing assignment due in Week 6.

For additional help with this section of the Week 6 Assignment template, review these resources:

Now you’re ready to finish the Week 6 assignment.Remember:  You are conducting your own assessment, Do not copy and paste from websites.Watch the videos in the below playlist to help you with your Week 6 Assignment: 

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