Please write a 3-page (minimum 700 words) summary on Chapter


Please write a 3-page (minimum 700 words) summary on Chapter 6 of Christianity: An introduction (The Life of Faith: Christianity as A Living Reality). 300 words summary, 400words reflection

Please do not use direct quotation of the book.

*References should follow the APA 6th or APA 7th edition

* Required Textbook:  McGrath, Alister E., Christianity: An Introduction. 3rd ed.; Oxford: Blackwell, 2015.

Late assignments will ordinarily not be accepted in this course. If there are extenuating circumstances that lead you to believe you will not be able to hand in an assignment on time, you must consult with the professor or TA by at least 24 hours before the assignment is due in order to obtain permission to hand the assignment in late. Late assignments handed in (only with the professor’s permission) will be assessed a penalty of 5% subtracted per day late, with the penalty in effect after the beginning of that day’s class; this penalty includes weekends. Assignments more than 4 days late will not be accepted.

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