Review the videos below and answer the 2 questions posed

Review the videos below and answer the 2 questions posed in the instruction’s narrative following the video links:

Video #1 Hyperlink –

Video #2 Hyperlink ––zLJT3ak


The Zertag video describes “5 Key Ways the Cyber Threat is Different” and the 60 Minutes video notes that Iran did not consider StuxNet an act of war. With these observations in mind:

· Discuss the parameters that would be necessary in order for a cyber-attack to be considered an act of war.

· In traditional warfare, people are divided into “lawful combatants”, “unlawful combatants”, and “non-combatants” per the Geneva Conventions and other legislation and accords. Essentially, non-combatants should never be targeted by a military operation. Are nation-state actors bound by any similar rules regarding cyber targets? If the US were to pursue future international accords to protect “non-combatant” cyber assets, what types of systems should be protected and what types of systems should be legitimate warfare targets? Provide your rationale and justification for this position.

– The key here to assess your ability to support & advocate your position and assess some critical analysis skills.

– Ensure that you understand MIS concepts as they apply in this scenario and that your assertions are reasonable given the characteristics of modern MIS systems.

– Each question should be thoroughly answered and cited with a minimum of 2 external cited references and provide a bibliography.

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