The reading this week is Cultural Representation I’m asking you


 The reading this week is   Cultural Representation 

  I’m asking you to watch a movie if you have a chance, as the readings are based around it. It is Paris is Burning. The only version I could find on Youtube is linked on your Moodle page, and it has Portuguese subtitles! You might be able to find another free link, or you may have seen it previously- it was on Netflix for a long time.

The readings are by Judith Butler and bell hooks, and refer to the question of how the film represents the people featured, and who does the representing. 

NB: Reflect on the two readings in alignment with  Intersectionality portrayed as understandings of social locations as central to peoples lived experiences as influenced by the interaction of categories such as gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, disability/ability, migration status, etc. It further recognises that these interactions are situated within interconnected power structures including government, media and economics. Intersectionality, therefore theorises how forms of oppression and privilege such as patriarchy, racism, colonialism, homophobia and ableism arise. Intersectionality foregrounds the achievement of social justice through social processes, redistribution and equity. 

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