This week you’re exploring planning, strategy, and decision-making. You’ll look


This week you’re exploring planning, strategy, and decision-making.  You’ll look at several areas of the strategic decision-making process. Strategic goals and decision-making isn’t easy.  Sometimes organizations put together a stellar strategic goal and vision for the future but make poor decisions in the short run that don’t support the long-term strategy. On the other hand, some organizations get it right and set clear, precise strategic goals and implement a successful decision-making strategy that supports them along the way.

Read Chapter 3 

Do some online research on the company you chose Levi Strauss company Find a news article or video, dated within the last four weeks, that demonstrates an exceptionally good or exceptionally poor organizational strategy. Briefly summarize the source you chose, describe the organization’s strategy, what went well or what went wrong, then what you would have done if you were the leader of that organization.

Review a minimum of two of your classmate’s posts and respond with additional insights, information, questions, or links to more information on the company and strategy they shared.  Compare and contrast the strategy to the one you wrote about. Your responses should be academic in nature and linked to research and management topics discussed this week rather than personal stories of shopping with the company they chose for example. 

Here are some of the company’s classmate’s have chosen 


Hewlett-Packard company

Emerson Electric

J.P Morgan Chase

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