This assignment is a individual concept paper 2 ½

 This assignment is a individual concept paper 2 ½ -3  pages double spaced, times new
roman, 12 font. Must provide References in APA.-which is the film reference, this just
needs to be noted in APA at the end of your paper. No solo page necessary.
a. 1 inch margins around the whole paper.
 Research and explain the history and concept of the video on the Supreme Courts.
 Explain and compare the relevance of the Supreme Court and bias & unbiased judgments
 Explain unbiased and bias judgments and the affect it has on jury outcomes and verdicts.
 Explain the Supreme Court action of wielding verdicts, how the outcome affects the
Judges role and if any consequences, explain them?
 You are researching and writing this paper based on information relevance (don’t just
answer these questions I provided,  just a leading format for you to include) please also
provide all other pertinent information for your paper you find in the Documentary.
 Please close out with your opinion as a conclusion.

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