EXTRA CREDIT exercise This assignment can be completed at any



This assignment can be completed at any point between now and the end of our final week of regular coursework.Unfortunately, social problems are so complex and the field of sociology is so (relatively) new, sociologists may raise far more questions than they seem to answer. Consequently, a course on social problems can be overwhelming and painful for students. Since I do not want to lose you to apathy as we progress through this course, I have specifically created this assignment so that your peers and I might benefit from knowing more about your own passions as they relate to social problems.

  • You are encouraged to take an artistic/expressive approach and use a variety of mediums: music, visuals (collage, photography), etc. For example, share with us two of your favorite songs, poems, images (copy and paste lyrics, verse, pictures, paintings) and write 1 page of commentary about how they express an important perspective upon social problems.
  • The goal of this exercise is to facilitate your internal connections between “what is” (as observed via sociology) and your perceptions of “what could be” or “what should be.” If this class seems only to exacerbate this disjuncture, then artistically express your emotional/intellectual frustration. It is important to be as honest as possible on this assignment. Students are to be nonjudgmental about what is presented and it will be graded on a credit/no credit basis based on participation (as opposed to evaluation of the content). Please keep the presentation to ten minutes maximum.

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