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Metacognition is the study of what people know about cognition and about their own cognitive and memory processes but particularly how much they know to use in regulating their own information processes and behavior (Koriat, 2007). Anxiety is a big issue when it comes to people remembering material that they have learned for upcoming tests and just general information. We know that metacognition is also defined as a way that someones learns best and understands the information. With that being said there are things that can ease some people’s minds and actually help them retain information. One metacognitive strategy is organizational tools (Davis, 2021). An example of this would be a checklist to make sure that student has everything checked off that they need to know and go over when studying. With all this being said, some people just have a difficult time comprehending stuff that they have read and sometimes just need to change something up to help them.

What are some helpful tips that you have found that help understand material better?

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