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Watch the 2 YOUTUBE videos and answer the questions below:



Answer the following questions:

1-What is Walmart’s e-commerce strategy?

2-Why did Walmart acquire

3-How does Walmart’s fulfllment operation difer from Amazon’s?

4-What are the three key assets that Walmart can leverage (build on) to compete with
Amazon and other online retailers?


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Customer Service Chapter 7

1. Define the term ROI.

2. What is business and IT alignment?

3. What is a cost-benefit analysis?

4. Describe two ways that customer data is used.

5. Describe two ways that incident data is used.

6. Describe two ways that status data is used.

7. What is scope creep?

8. Define the term trend analysis.

9. What is a budget?

10. Define the term cost per contact.


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Customer Service Chapter 8

1. What is a team?

2. What are the reasons technical support lends itself to a team setting?

3. What are the five characteristics of a successful team?

4. List the three components of a service desk mission.

5. List and describe three ways the service desk supports the goals of DevOps.

6. List the four stages of development reflected in the Tuckman Teamwork Model.

7. List three characteristics of emotional intelligence.

8. Why is communication important in a team setting?

9. What is feedback?

10. How must feedback be delivered to be effective?

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