All firearms are built with a purpose, whether that be


All firearms are built with a purpose, whether that be hunting, plinking, military service, home or personal defense, etc., and this purpose has a big influence on not just the design of the firearm, but also the finish. Finishes are often as purpose-specific as the rest of the design of a firearm.

Think about one of your own firearms and the purpose behind its overall use and design. Now think back over all the different finishing options you have learned about in this course and respond to the following questions.

I used the Glock model 22 

Is the finish that was used on your firearm a good option for its purpose? Why or why not? If it was, what might have been an even better-suited option, or one which you would have preferred? If it was not, what would have been a better choice, and why? Now investigate the process for repairing damage to both finish types. Do they need to be completely refinished or can they be effectively touched-up? Considering the purpose of the firearm, how easy and likely is it to damage the finish during regular intended use? Do you still think the alternative finish would be a better choice? Why or why not?

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