Imagine you are in a liberated future. This is a

Imagine you are in a liberated future. This is a future free from racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. This is a future free of militarism, free of prisons, and free of violence. This is a future free of borders, where no human being is illegal, in which families are reunited. This is a future in which the earth is healthy– and we treat her with respect. What was necessary to create this future?

Based off of the format from the reading, “Report: Recommendations For Us Right Now From A Future,” create a recommendation from this future addressed to the people of 2020. Be sure to include a Task, a Need, a Mantra, a Context, and a Practice by following the prompts below:

A task: What do you recommend that the people of 2021 do in order to achieve this liberated future?
A need: Why is this task necessary?
A mantra: A statement or slogan that represents the task.
Practice: What is a daily ritual or practice that can be done to move towards completing the task? 

Be as specific or broad as you want when writing your recommendation (ie: “take down the border walls” OR “build empathy and compassion”). 

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