Description read chapter 6 and 13 This Knowledge Check Reflection


read chapter 6 and 13

This Knowledge Check Reflection activity was adapted from the assignment on p. 343 of your textbook. Please read the below instructions and produce a brief analysis.

This week our textbook took you on a deep dive into the different rhetorical strategies and writing style choices that can add depth, emphasis, and dimension to your writing. These stylistic choices are what make some of the most famous and timeless speeches in history memorable and impactful. Using online sources (such as American Rhetroic’s Top 100 Speeches (Links to an external site.) at) to find the text of an es.say or speech by someone who uses figures of speech liberally. Many of the provided speeches offer both an audio recording of someone delivering the speech as well as the PDF text of the speech. Pick one paragraph that is rich in figures and read it carefully, critically, and multiple times. From there you will write a short response (500 words or less) answering the following questions and completing the below exercises: 

  • Use chapter 13 to identify the various figures of speech you find in this paragraph and determine which of the rhetorical appeals this paragraph activates. You should write one paragraph explaining which figures of speech you identified in your excerpt. 
  • Figurative Language from Chapter 13 includes: Antonomasia, hyperbole, irony, metaphor, metonymy, oxymoron, rhetorical question, signifying, simile, understatement, shemes, anaphora, antithesis, inverted word order, and parallelism among others!
  • Then rewrite the paragraph, eliminating every bit of figurative language, doing your best to still capture the meaning of the paragraph excerpt. 
  • Finally, you will compare the original paragraph with liberal figurative language use to your pared-down version. In what situation would the original paragraph be more appropriate and why? In what situation would the pared-down version be more appropriate and why? 


  • This exercise and reflection must meet a minimum of 500 words in length 
  • Original Title at the top of your reflection  “Walker WK1 Reflection” is not original. Try and think outside of the box and pull something unique and individual from our weekly assigned readings
  • Assignment will be Assessed using Knowledge Check Rubric

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