Describe why the “discovery” of America was one of the


Describe why the “discovery” of America was one of the “most  important events recorded in the history of mankind,” according to Adam  Smith. 

2.Describe the different global economies that Europeans particiapated in or created during the European age of expansion. 

3.One of the most striking features of Indian societies at the time  of the encounter with Europeans was their diversity. Support this  statement with several examples

4.Compare and contrast European values and ways of life with those of  the Indians. Consider addressing religion, views about ownership of  land, gender relations, and notions of freedom.

5.What are the main factors fueling the European age of expansion?

6.Compare the different economic and poltiical systems of Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and France in the age of expansion

7. Compare the political, economic, and religious motivations behind the French and Dutch empires with those of New Spain.

8.How would European settlers explain their superiority to Native  American and justify both the conquest of native lands and terminating  their freedom?

9.Why did Native Americans exercise more power in their relations with the Dutch and French than with the English.

10.What were some of the main factors that led to the Pueblo Revolt?

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