Discussion 2 700 words Referencing to the course materials and

 Discussion 2

700 words

Referencing to the course materials and required sources is necessary

read geography chapter content 

watch chapter 3 lecture


Read the external link and attached dococument

complete the discussion below

As you learn about attributive factors to climate change, you will discover that cement factories are one of the major greenhouse gas emitters in our world. While cement factories contribute to job creation and stimulate local economies (and without say have contributed significantly to the creation of modern society), it is crutial that we understand the environmental impact that these factories have. After watching the video clip posted here and reading the article, please post your opinion about what you think is the strongest argument to support/not support the need for cement factories, and idea(s) for possible mitigation. Respond to at least two peer postings.
Resources: – 1) In Northeast India, Cement Plants Disrupt Forest and a Way of Life (external link)


– 2) Health Risk and Environmental Assessment of Cement Production in Nigeria (attached pdf)

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