“Tile and grout cleaning, should I call a professional?”


“Tile and grout cleaning, should I call a professional?” – This is a question which has troubled every homemaker at one point or the other. The answer, apparently, has been quite slippery! Specially because the floor of a house is probably the most important part of it. Any person coming into the house would instinctively look at the floor, just to mind his movement. Previous surveys have certified this fact.

Now as far as Imp concerned, the just variation between an expert and the average, next door guy is knowledge. The expert has been trained in his occupation, and thus knows more than the average guy. If the average guy gathers as much awareness as the expert, he would obtain really close to being a skilful himself.

Grout is a certain adhesive plastering substance which holds two tiles together and partly the flooring and the tiles. It is that sticky thing that you find in the space between two tiles. The grout has a characteristic of attracting dirt, and with time this causes the grout to obtain discolored with dirt, particularly when the tiles is in the kitchen or bathroom (close to oil or soap, water).

A number of myths reign greatest in this view, about how to pure tiles and grout. Let’s bust a few of them!

  • Vinegar or bleach does NOT serve you clean your tiles. In fact bleach might actually discolor your grout.
  • Any kinds of acid, principally phosphoric or muriatic acid does NOT make for adequate tiles and grout cleaners. These are very aggressive cleaners, and are dangerous for your tiles and grout to the extent of enduring damage.
  • Dishwashing soap and household cleaners are not practical et al. Over time, the only good coming from the dishwasher would be the residue build up on the tile and grout. The household appliances were commonly not built for this intention.
  • Some people find brushes with hard bristles and tough roots really effective in this regard. However, what most of them don’t realize is the injury that this causes to the tiles and grout. Yes, the cleaning part is there. But the damage is absolutely not welcome.

Now that we know what NOT to do, knowing a little bit about the correct thing to do is essential for holistic awareness of tile and grout cleaning.

There are many products present in the market specialized to clean grout.  According to experts from the company LiveCleanToday, which offers a service for cleaning apartments, the products come with the tile cleaner as well, and hence can be applied entirely on the floor. Apply the cleaner on the floor, allow it to stay for few minutes (10-15 minutes), and rinse it off. The cleaner would penetrate the grout and loosen the dirt form it. Hence the penetration time is really consequential. Protective measures (gloves etc) should be taken when on the job.

For regular conservation of tiles and grout, a variety of grout sealers are present commercially. After cleansing the tiles and the grout, the sealers are to be applied to keep the dirt out.

The above knowledge will absolutely enhance your understanding of tiles and grout, and chances of a professional knocking at your door would become less.

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