Andrea, a 10-year-old girl of Asian and African-American descent, has


Andrea, a 10-year-old girl of Asian and African-American descent, has had difficulty getting along with her younger sister Beth, who is 7. They constantly fight over toys, TV programs, technology devices, and their mother’s attention. Usually, Andrea picks the fights. Andrea’s teacher is beginning to notice similar behaviors in the classroom. She is irritable, picking fights with classmates, and uncooperative with the teacher’s requests. This past week she was sent to the principal’s office for verbal aggression with another student in the hallway. The principal has asked you (the professional school counselor in Andrea’s school) to see this student, and you have gathered some basic information from both the mother and the teacher.

  • How would you apply a solution‐focused brief counseling approach to this case? How would you apply rational-emotive behavioral techniques to this case? Include specific theoretical techniques you would use for each. Which approach (SFBC or REBT) do you prefer and why? What are some cultural considerations in your work with Andrea?
  • Describe a completely different counseling approach you would use including play therapy, expressive therapy or other similar approaches. What specific activity or strategy would you use and why?
  • What are some examples of peer programs you might want to involve Andrea in?
  • How can you advocate for Andrea in the school and home environments? What community resources might be available for Andrea and her family? Under what circumstances might a referral be appropriate? Cite applicable ASCA Ethical Standards (ASCA, 2016) 

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