This week we explored the idea of whether business does

This week we explored the idea of whether business does or does not have its own special set of ethical principles and guidelines.  There was Carr’s position that it’s all just rules of the game.  In contrast to that was Gillespie’s, as well as Tomhave & Vopat’s position, that business does not get any special caveat to supersede society’s ethical norms. 

In the Case of the Facebook Breakup people who are identified as experiencing emotional distress are analyzed and targeted for economic gain. This is clearly not illegal, but what about ethical? Consider and respond to the following:

  1. Share your position from this week’s reading by answering the question: Is business ethics separate from regular ethics?  Be sure to back up your position with points from the well-developed arguments you explored this week.
  2. Using your position from the first question, make a case for whether Facebook’s actions in the case were ethical or not.  Be sure to explicate your position with sound ethical reasoning, i.e. theories and processes we’ve covered so far.

Discussion Board Assignments:

Our weekly discussion boards are considered an academic forum.  As such, there are very specific requirements for academic writing imposed, which can be found here: Academic Writing.

Submissions should be between 300-600 words.  The rubric for the assignment is attached (click on the three dots in the top right hand corner) and explanation for grading of these assignments is given in the video on the home page. You are expected to reply to a minimum of two of your peers with substantive feedback, constructive criticism, or detailed affirmations.  You are invited to impress me by engaging in further dialogue beyond the bare minimum. The initial post is due on each Thursday at 11:59 PM, and the two replies on Sundays, by 11:59 PM. In Canvas, to create a sense of urgency I put the discussions due each Monday. However, all I want from you each Monday is to at least get accustomed to what the discussion is about, so when you read the textbook you can look for passages that will help you answer the discussion. 

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